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Chambers Collection Solutions Ltd


If you're a business considering taking on a new client, we can conduct thorough background checks on your behalf.

Our background checking service allows you to make informed decisions about who you will be working with, affording you peace of mind that about your new client.

We carry out general searches on people and companies, including director searches We will tailor our service to meet your specific requirements in a discreet and timely manner.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Company Credit Reports

Company Credit Reports are affordable, high quality comprehensive reports giving you access to all of the information you require to make informed business decisions.

The information within the Company Credit Reports is sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust and The London & Edinburgh Gazette and is updated daily.

Company Credit Reports include as standard:

  • Credit rating & Limit
  • 5 years accounts (where available)
  • Full Directors Information
  • Group structure
  • CCJ Information
  • Payment data (where available)
  • In addition each report has links through to:
  • Media Solutions - access any stories within the media regarding the company you are searching

Payment Information

We have now introduced payment data within our reports where available. Payment information is data we have collected from 3rd party companies who have chosen to share their customers' payment behaviour with us. These companies will inform us whether or not a particular company pays its invoices on time – each invoice is referred to as a payment experience.

By looking at payment information we can see how many payment experiences a company has and whether or not they were paid on time. In effect we are providing a bulk trade reference from different suppliers that can be viewed in an electronic format.

Credit Score

The Credit Score, taking into account the current economic situation, calculates the probability of a company becoming insolvent in the next 12 months based on 15 different parameters.

Why use Company Credit Reports?

  • Give your company the best chance possible during the current economic climate
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Ensure you get paid on time
  • Help protect your business against the threat of bad debt

Consumer Credit Reports

Access the information you require to assess the likelihood of your customer being able to fulfil their credit commitments.

The Consumer Credit Reports confirm:

  • An applicant's name
  • Address
  • Any adverse public data including:
  • Bankruptcies
  • Insolvencies
  • CCJ

What are the benefits of Consumer Credit Reports?

  • Scores enabling you to make decisions based on the relative risk of credit default
  • Fully integrated into the system
  • Reduce the risk of fraud

These reports help you and your customers avoid the threat of Identity Fraud - one of the fastest growing financial crime in the UK.

Directors Reports

Examining the details of a company’s directors plays an integral part in understanding how a company operates. At Chambers we believe that in order to make an informed credit decision it is vital to review the directors of a company as this helps to build a more in depth understanding of a company.

We have a UK database which includes over 11.5 million directorships across the UK. Our Directors reports include information such as:

  • Personal Details such as date of birth and address
  • Current and previous directorships
  • Appointment and resignation dates, including the credit rating of the company at the time of resignation
  • Directorships held in any of 12 Countries

All of the information within a Director Reports is sourced from primary data providers such as Companies House and this information is updated daily.

Chambers Collection Solutions Ltd

Trace and ID

Trace and ID is an online service powered by Tracesmart Corporate that utilises the most up to date information available.

Where is the information sourced from?

  • Royal Mail PAF
  • Current Electoral Roll
  • Rolling Register
  • Directory Enquiries
  • Tracesmart Registers
  • Historical Electoral Roles
  • DOB File
  • GRO Indexes
  • HM Land Registry Sales

Benefits of Trace and ID

  • A secure and reliable “know your customer” method
  • Instant and proficient customer friendly processes
  • Verify both residency and identity
  • Instantly find and verify addresses for consumers
  • Single source tracing solution

Why use Trace and ID?

  • Flexibility to use either Trace or ID to locate your absconded debtors or tenants
  • No credit footprint is left so no permission is required

Ensure your clients finances are in order before conducting important business transactions.

Chambers Collection Solutions Ltd

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